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50 Benefits of Ebooks
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Reference Guide: How to Prepare Images for EPUB (and other) Formats

Hello and thanks in advance,

I'm looking for some expert help on the subject of how to prepare images for ebooks, for the essential ebook formats, reading systems and devices. I thought that I could capture two pigeons with one bean if I not only gathered this information, but shared it with the epublishing community.

Please take a glance at this web page -- down on the bottom half of the page -- and you'll see the beginnings of some tables where much information is needed.

The goal is to provide a quick and handy kind of "cheat sheet" for anyone making ebooks in some of the major formats: EPUB, PDF, Kindle.

Help with this project would be much appreciated, either by answers here, or contacting me directly. When this project is complete, or nearer to completion, I will post back to this thread.

Also, if someone at MobileRead would like to take charge of this project, and post this information on a MobileRead wiki page, I am happy to pass the torch.

Thanks again,

Michael Pastore
50 Benefits of Ebooks
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