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Thanks for reply, both of you.

Thanks for welcome. I was looking for T3 on Allegro, yet the only auction I've found was featuring T3 with TomTom navigation (and I don't need no stupid navi in eBook reading device!), that was going for ~260$. No way. I've also found some auctions selling Tungsten T/E/E2 - how those compare to T3?

Congrats on getting Sony Reader =] When you find out that it sucks (and we all know it does), you may send it to me :P OK, just kidding. I've seen Tungsten TX (new one) on eBay for 230$... But that's a bit too much for me... And I couldn't find used TX's for much less...

As for battery, it's not that expensive to buy a new one if it'll lasts for two years or something like that.

What about Nokia smartphones, especially 9x00 series? I've seen 9300, while it's not the biggest one, it has nice wide screen. How's that for eBook reading? And what about battery life - is it short when reading for a longer time?

I've also wondered about where is a good place to buy eBook device. I've got a friend whose girlfriend is living in Portugal (and he's probably moving there next year) - so, can I get electronics there cheaper? Or maybe UK (I'm considering going for a month for a work there during my summer vacations - so I'll have a chance to buy something nice)?

How about language support? We've got a lot of 'funny' characters in Polish... Are Palms capable of displaying those?
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