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It is the highlighting and annotation features on the Sony 600 that attract me to it the most, even with its glare and reflection issues. I read mostly informational stuff and highlight or underline throughout a book, and/or take lots of notes. HOWEVER, All the positive things posted about the pocketbook 360 has me seriously reconsidering. It looks like a fantastic device. I have been pondering which to get for so long now that I hardly believe it's really going to happen, but my boyfriend has made it clear that this will be my Christmas gift so it's time to make a final decision and stick to it! How easy, really, is the notetaking on the pocketbook 360? It looks somewhat cumbersome. Also, am I to understand from your above post that you can save selections without retyping them yourself by highlighting and then making a title for highlighted section, and then easily export them to your computer? Thanks so much for any help, it's down to these two, and notetaking is of utmost importance to me!
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