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Personally I would trust a Chinese compagny more then a US company.
And I have to rely on trust whatever I choose. I only trust myself. And I'm not skilled enough to check for backdoors. I know there is a community that does check it. But that usally boils down do the same group of ppl. For example prove me that Zimmerman and Scheider are not on the CIA/FBI/NSA payroll
Please understand that I'm *not* attacking your remark but merly trying to explain that at some point we have to take the step and trust....

Your article is about bruteforcing. I have to look for it but there is a paper around that calculates the energy to brutefoce 3DES or other modern ciphers. Conclusion there is not enough engergy in the universe to do so...
I know that for HD encryption nothing needs to be known about files. Thats why I wrote datastream.
"CBC - Cipher Block Chaining - In CBC mode, the previous ciphertext block is XOR'd with the current plaintext block and the result is then encrypted."
From that I read that to decrypt a block you need the 'result' of the previous block.
So I think at least 2 blocks are needed. I was stupidly assuming the previous block needed to be decrypted to decrypt the current block. But the previous block can only be decrypted by another previous block. It will impose a small overhead but far less then I assummed. My C is far to bad to understand the 'small print' we are talking about here.
Wireless networking.
I did only look very briefly at the link you gave me because teh network has my last priority. But I bookmarked all your links for later refrence.
About speed needed.
Yes I mean 30MB/s. And 100Mbit is 'obsolete' now. Even onboard LAN is Gigabit nowadays.
I have fairly highend IDEA drives. 2x WD 1000BB (no RAID)
I'm willing to pay $1000 for a speedy solution that meets my demands.

IMO security comes in 3 parts:
a] Strong cipher.
b] Good authentication. Like iKey. The entropy of password that can be remebers by humans is often to low. I didn't find a opensource program that supports such stuff.
c] Speed. About everyone wants security. But only a few want to pay the speedhit.
And then ppl start to looking for tradeoffs. And very often that tradeoff is no encryption or something with the 'strength' of ROT13
Even the paranoid ppl do that. After all you should encrypt your data with AES256 and encrypt the result with Twofish. Just incase the spooks found a hole somewhere.
Defenition of a network. "2 nics and a wire" End of my network knowledge :P
I don't care a bit if it uses smokesignals or nuclear power as long it's fast.
Sometimes I think what the f*uck am I being so obcessed with strongciphers.
The local police department can barely break 10 bit ciphers and somehow I don't think the CIA isn't very intrested in the loveletters I encrypted
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