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First of all, thank you thank you thank you vvv for the fantastic tool!

I like the two way links, and was thinking that if it just underlined whatever i selected it would be nicest.

Say i wanted to link to a definition of a word - i could just select the word and make it a note and link to definition.

Or say i just wanted to do a common footnote 1 - i could just select the number and make it a link to the citation.

Or say I wanted to make a listing of the contents of a complicated chapter, then I would like to be able to select the entire section title and have it show up like that 1. First Section

So I guess for me it would be nice to have the link be as long as whatever we select...

But that's just me. I'm sure HarryT and the rest of the more experienced users can make better contributions.

Again, thanks for the excellent tool!
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