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Sure I agree on the open source. Probebly I didn't stress that enough in my post.
It's just that what I tested sofar the opensource is often slower and to low on features.
DES. Sure I would go for 192/168 bit 3DES
DES is very fast in hardware. It was originally designed as an hardware based cipher.
AFAIK DES has never been broken by cryptoanalysis. And only the 40/56 bit versions are bruteforced. So looking at pure time to bruteforce 3DES is extremely secure.
Anyway the 3DES chips I know do 1.6Gbit/s.
Altough according to NIST it does only EBC. Some see that as a major drawback.
Surely CBC is more secure. But I think CBC is impossible (no matter what cipher) when using as full HD encryption. Firstly the hardware doesnt know about files because it just encrypts datastreams. Secondly suppose you need a block at the end of a 200GB HD. It would mean you should decrypt 200GB to get the 'key' for the last block.
But I must admit if I had the chance I would go for AES or Twofish...

Abit SecureIDE is only 40bit DES iirc. With an Enova chip

C3 is very fast but I can't find an end user solution for it.

(wireless) networking
Encryption should be very fast. Otherwise 'the user' could be tempted to bypass it.
Offloading the calculations to another box would be a good start.
I never had a network neither did I used BSD. So a few questions.
a] Say I install BSD with the encryption package of your choice. What kind of speed I can expect? I think 30-40MB/s is needed for decent performance.
b] Is there something to choose from on BSD. I've seen alot on Linux and Windows but nothing on the DevilOS
c] I think wireless is very slow and not near 30MB/s
d] Whats the latency on a (wireless) network.
I use some heavy. For example an app that does do a *lot* of database access.
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