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eskin, right now it seems manual cropping doesn't get respected when you use "autocrop", but it is obeyed when you turn that feature off.

"In a perfect world, it would be great if RasterFarian would use the crop information in the PDF file as the starting bounds rectangle for the auto-sizing functionality."


I'm going to try implementing Ashkulz's suggestion, it's very elegant (esp. since there's even a netpbm exe for this). This ought to also fix gdfx's problem (though I have no idea why gawk isn't working for him). I was a little concerned before in trying such an approach because I wanted to keep the resize operation as a neat reduce by an integer (for the best crispness). However, I doubt the difference will be noticeable.

Ashkulz, tho, why do you think the ghostscript-based cropping is still worth supporting? Also, did you understand what that third guy was doing to get autocropping that doesn't quit after the first dark pixel?

Now, as for heirchical TOC.. asfaik, the Reader's TOC doesn't support nested levels or even indentation. (They're big believers in the Apple approach, but they're much lazier and it comes out even worse.) However, the Reader does support links inside LRFs. It should be possible to do something interesting with that. The simplest would be to redo a ToC with indentations with maybe 20-50 entries per page. Slightly more complex would be to have multiple levels of links (tho it's probably not very desirable for people who don't have 3k bookmarks). Even better would be to add some sort of "navigation panel" at the start of books. Maybe it could give you links to every 5th page (since you can't fn enter page numbers). Anyway, I'm talking too much. Anybody else have better ideas?

Also, i've never done anything with LRF links. a) how do you do it? and b) can you navigate between them in 2D?
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