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Originally Posted by Copynik View Post
My sense is mrscoach is correct. I pre-ordered mine in the store, in part because the staff was trying so very hard to find answers to my questions (they were calling headquarters, checking sites, etc). But they really didn't know much about the nook. Granted this was on Oct 24th, just days after the announcement. They took my phone number and promised to call as soon as they got answers to my outstanding questions, but that never happened.

I pre-ordered the nook based on gut instinct and the temptation to be an early adopter. Hopefully my gut was correct. Will know in roughly 3 weeks.
The nice thing about ordering now with the slight delay is that you have time to cancel your preorder if reviews turn out to not be so good, or if you play with one in the store and you don't like it. I have 11 days after it comes out (mine is expected to ship on the 11'th) to see if I'll really want it, which is something the November 30th folks don't get.
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