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I like the idea of using ipkg to install third party programs. But one suggestion: Someone should define a directory structure first, so we don't get a big mixed-up disorder...

Allow me to start:


(1) Prior to installing the iLiad must be prepared:

mkdir /mnt/cf/opt && ln -s /mnt/cf/opt /opt
mkdir /mnt/card/opt && ln -s /mnt/card/opt /opt

mkdir /opt/lib
mkdir /opt/bin
mkdir /opt/etc
mkdir /opt/var
mkdir /opt/programs

One of these, as fs allows:
ln -s /opt/programs /mnt/cf/programs
ln -s /opt/programs /mnt/card/programs
(2) Installation packages should follow these rules:
  • All files shall be installed into /opt, no other part of the filesystem may be touched.
  • If the program is to be started directly (content lister sh-extension), it shall be installed into /opt/programs. It shall have its MANIFEST in its top-level folder (e.g. /opt/programs/fbreader/MANIFEST.xml).
  • Common shared libraries (.so) go into /opt/lib.
  • Configuration settings for into /opt/etc. Using a subfolder is recommended if having more than one file, e.g. /opt/etc/fbreader/.
  • Programs that are to be started from the command line, or that are added as content handler to the content lister, go into /opt/bin.


I think putting a single link into the root fs is a better way to handle the CF/SD duality then creating two installation packages for each program. Now I just hope /opt is not yet taken, didn't check it...

Is this a reasonable start? What do you developers think about it?
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