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Question How much better is eInk from grayscale LCD screens?

I started reading eBooks in 1998, on the Palm m100. It had a 160x160 grayscale LCD, that was capable of displaying 16 scales of gray. I recall that they gave me a very pleasant reading experience.

I was leaning very heavily towards getting a Kindle, but suddenly the question struck me: How much better is a dedicated eReader that uses eInk technology, when compared to a grayscale LCD?

I mean, I can get a second-hand Palm Zire21 for around $30, or a $VX for around $15. Even after all these years, their batteries last for almost a week on a single charge. Since they use grayscale LCD, they don't have the nasty "glare" effect that plagues color LCD screens.

They are rather hard to read under sunlight, but most of my reading will be done indoors anyway.

So I'm starting to seriously consider whether a Kindle would be worth hundreds of additional dollars.

For people who have used a grayscale PDA (or a previous-generation eReader such as the Rocket Reader or eBookWise), why do you prefer a current-generation eReader with eInk display?
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