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This is really great stuff, I just picked up my Readers last Friday, and your app has made it possible for me to do what I intended with the device (portable tune books for traditional Irish music).

One feature that would be extremely helpful would be if the app could somehow respect any cropping that has been applied using Acrobat.

Here's the scenario. I have a book from a 3rd party that was printed formatted for letter size paper, and it has a massive table of contents already setup. Using Acrobat, I'm able to go into the doc, crop the margins off and save it, resulting in a book that has all the meta-data, and no margins when displayed using Acrobat Reader. I realize the crop info is just additional meta-data on the document. If I re-PDF it by printing it with either Acrobat PDF or CutePDF, I lose the table of contents.

If I bring this cropped book into RasterFarian, it doesn't appear to respect the cropping information in the PDF file when it rasterizes the page, so if the original doc has, for example crop lines and such at the edges of the pages, they show up again in the LRF file.

In a perfect world, it would be great if RasterFarian would use the crop information in the PDF file as the starting bounds rectangle for the auto-sizing functionality.

Alternatively, do you know of a way to retain the TOC meta-data when re-printing a document to PDF using the Acrobat PDF or CutePDF print drivers? That would also achieve the same results.

Another question is on how RasterFarian handles hierarchical table of contents in a PDF document, it appears to flatten the TOC in the final output LRF document. In my case, where I have over 1000 tunes with a TOC in the PDF doc that organizes them by name, key, rhythm, etc.. After running through RasterFarian, I end up with over 3000 individual TOC entries which are nearly impossible to navigate since there is no way on the reader to jump ahead when using the TOC. Any chance for support of hierarchical TOCs in a future release? That would be absolutely awesome!


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