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Originally Posted by kapoira
mtas i have a question for you, and your method, i'm searching of a way to do that the cqview gets the hardware keys to do this i have to call it via the content listener and i don't wanna change the content listener because the possibility of a bricked iliad.

if i do it your way, can i put a binary in the cf, and it will be called via the content listener...? thanks for the reply, and for the trick

I'm thinking of a way to minimize the code i have to change in the cqview, i preffer to only port it, without a change of the original.(This is i'm searching)

now i'm in the work and i don't have acces to my iliad, and the vm for compiling.

Sorry for my english.
Yes you should be able to do this. don't have my iLiad with me right now but on my CF card I've got all extra programs installed in the directory _additional_progs with each application in its own directory and its own manifest.xml i.e. in the root directory on your CF card put a directory structure like this:

| |--->Manifest.xml
| |--->program_executable
| |--->Other files for this program
| |--->As for program_1
|--->As for program_1
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