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What should I get?

Hi! I've been reading MobileRead for couple of days... But delayed registration till now. Anyway, to the topic...

I really love the e-Ink technology, but ATM I'm only reading e-Books on my PC. The LCD screen doesn't hurt your eyes that much, but it's still not mobile, which is my biggest problem. Therefore I'd like to ask you - with which e-Book device should I start? I liked the description of eBookWise 1150, but it's only for sale in USA and Canada (and I live in Poland - God, why it's like it's 3rd World country? :/), so it's unavailable for me
Then, I've seen some of you recommend Tungsten T3 palm... Or Cassiopeia A-20 in case of kacir... I'd like to ask if it's hard or not to read on Palm? I'm probably going to read mostly during my travel to the university (which takes me about 1 hour).

Oh, and the second problem (aprat from the shipping one) - the price. I'd like something up to 150$ (not everyone is rich enough to afford iRex :P) - it can be used device... + I don't want to be forced to pay another 150$ for shipping costs :P

So, what should I get?
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