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Just so that all know, target will continue to mark items down weekly until the item sale. If the item does not sale by the final markdown the item will be sold to a bulk third party vendor.

For example my target in Lincoln, Ca last week had the covers on clearance for $32.xx, today the covers are on clearance for $16.xx next week the cover will be $8.xx if the $16.xx is not the lowest clearance price that Target is authorized to go.

Also it need to be said that this is not a sale but a clearance move by Target. Once teh clearance items are sold out there will be no more to be had at that particular target.

There are lots of deals to be had at Target in general, just look for teh red clearance stickets. The same item may not be on clearance at all targets are for even teh same clearance price. It depend on when the item was put on clearance, how well it is selling at a particular clearance price, and how bad the shelf space is needed.

Last week I paid $32.xx for a cover at my target, returned it today and bought two covers for $16.xx
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