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Originally Posted by HarryT View Post
Yes, the PRS-600 and 700 have search function for book titles. But even so, the "scan time" when you insert a card into the Reader makes having many thousands of titles impractical.
Originally Posted by owlrigh View Post
At one point I put all of my ebooks onto a large SD card and put it into my 505; it then grew annoying to have to scroll through it all to find the book I wanted. I don't recall -- having my PRS700 was a while ago -- was there a search function? That would of course make it all right for having one's whole library on the ereader, for the annoying scrolling part would be done away with.

Nowadays I keep everything on my computer, and upload a batch of books via calibre once a week or so; usually in a series, if it's that way inclined, so I can easily go onto the next book...
The 400+ titles I have organized into ~30 collections are easy to manage on the Sony whether browing by collection or book title. The book title list has A-Z running vertically down the screen, and it is quite easy and fast to jump around.

It does take a bit of time to scan the card when it's initially inserted into the reader, but as long as you're not taking the card out and reinserting it every day, it's a non-issue.

When you say "may thousands of titles", I'm sure the Sony must have some type of maximum practical limit to the number of files it can store before it's database becomes unmanageable. If you had a ton of single page files for example, a reasonable workaround might be to combine them into a bookmarked pdf and sort the bookmarks alphabetically.
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