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Hi from Oregon

Lurker extrodinare here. Found this forum while looking for information on DRM (hate it). I have an EB1150 bought it in June, but found alot of books I wanted to read it didn't support or were to expensive. Still havent figured out quite how to get the books I want on it but I am trying.
I bought several ebooks from B&N to read on my computer, so as soon as I heard about the Nook I cashed in my points (from various programs) for gift cards and waited for them to arrive, they did, so today I happily went to B&N with my gift cards and tried to purchase it. Sadly B&N only allows 3 gift cards per transaction, I had 8, 2 for $50 and 6 for $25. Bummer.
So I did what anyone would do, I bought a Pocketbook 360 instead!
This will be my first e-ink device. Looking forward to being an active forum member, you all are so helpful.

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