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Feedbooks newspapers working as needed

Originally Posted by josepinto View Post

I donīt know if this is feasible or not.

On we have the option to download feeds or newspapers (made form multiple feeds) in EPUB format.
After downloading and the newspapers i am subscribed to the file opens correctly in Epubreader.
The problem is, if a day or a week later I want to update that newspaper I have to delete it first from epub-library and then download the file again. Would it be possible to add an option to redownload an ebook in epub-library.
Anyway, I donīt know if this is going to work in the specific case of Feedbooks because maybe one has to be signed in.

Sorry if this is not so clear. Just a tought...

P.s. On the testing side, if I insert a story id in Flag Webservice ( and select epub as format the file is correctly downloaded and opened in Epubreader. Flag Webservice is the Fanfiction Lightweight Automated Grabber, that can be used to download stories from in several formats.Works like a charm.

José Pinto

The last version does what I want.
On the first page of Feedbooks Newspapers there is a link to update. After updating the new file opens in Epubreader and all thatīs left to be done is deleting old files from library.

I have a couple of suggestions /wild ideas:
- Background textures (as in Ybook
- user styles (created using css). user styles could be published in epubreaderīs homepage.
- Autoscroll (underline one word at a time at a user defined cadence of words per minute)
- Change background / text colour /font without afecting Firefoz general definitions;
- view text in 2 pages side by side
- combine epub files?
- rigth click menu to select word or text and search on google / wikipedia / dictionary / thesaurus, or to translate using google translate
- Annotations
- option to import (from Amazon or Librarything) and edit metadata
- statistics (reading time, number of books read, etc.)
- option to save library outside Firefox profile
- search for books in Feedbooks / Mobileread / Project Gutenberg / Google Books / Inkmesh.

These are only random thoughts. Perhaps, several of them can be done using other extensions or userscripts. Obviously, you should implement only what is suggested by a majority of users.

I am no programmer. Only a reader.

Thanks for all the good work.

I think an ebook reader inside Firefox offers a whole new world of possibilities.

By the way, as anyone tested it on Seamonkey?

José Pinto
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