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Originally Posted by Lo_Pan View Post
G'day mate,

I was simply pointing out that the igor/you packer packages aren't installed either at recovery or at boot, except if runlevel three is called.
When you select "upgrade" in the setting menu ; you run the device in runlevel three.

when you are in recovery mode ; or you simply reboot ... the linux kernel isn't even started at that point, there's no script run

They are deleted, however, if they are named update-ota-system*.bin, which is the expected behavior at the end of the updater in

any .bin files are deleted by the updated at the end. Not just those 2

I suspect that the recovery and/or boot updater is similar to runlevel 3 as some of the behaviors are the same. as such i have been attempting to exploit what i suspect the script does, going off noticed similarities to the S50updater from runlevel 3.
I think you're confused about what runlevel 3 is, and what it does...

the ota updater, is started in level 3, that's what S50updater does and it's just a link to /etc/init.d/updater.

there's only one way the updater is started, and that's with S50updater ; when rebooting or in recovery mode ; this isn't called at all.

So in answer to your question, i didn't think that going from k2i to k2iex would magically solve the problem, i was just saying the packages dont install when booting or recovery installing. i'll aim to be a bit more verbose next time.
none of the packages created with the ever did.
Worse, if you reboot without selecting upgrade, on a Kindle 2 you enter an infinite loop and you have to press and hold HOME exactly at the right time to get out of it.

The Kindle 2 International is a bit different, at least it gives you a nice error screen with an error code (0003 is when the MD5 checksum doesn't match in the standard updater)
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