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Originally Posted by EowynCarter View Post
Their influence on the computer world ? Mac users are, just like us linux users, a small minority over the windows users.
Influence ≠ market share

While all in one brings apple to my mind, mini pc links with "eee"
The G4 Cube was basically the first mini PC (here: PC = generally personal computer, not IBM-PC). After Apple released its even smaller Mac Mini in 2005, many PC makers switched from the usual shoebox form factor to copying the Mac Mini (e.g. Acer).

The eee brand was released only few years ago and was limited to netbooks until very recently. Even now, the eeeBox is only iconic for cheap nettops. It didn't contribute anything to the mini PC type and frankly it isn't a very special computer apart from its price. So you may associate mini PCs with the eeeBox, but mini PCs are not influenced by it. Instead, Asus created a new class of computers called netbooks and nettops. But equating nettops with mini PCs is like saying subnotebooks were the same as netbooks.
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