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Originally Posted by EowynCarter View Post
Yeah, sure Apple invented everytihng
I never said it invented everything. But it invented at least as many stuff as Sony and, more importantly, pushed many technologies in their early days to mainstream success. The graphical user interface, font rendering, USB, DVD writers, AAC, EFI, DisplayPort and in the near future LightPeak, all of that was adopted by Apple very early and benefitted from its support. Chances are if it wasn't for the popular iMac, USB would have needed much longer to supersede legacy connections such as RS232 or the parallel port. All-In-One PCs, mini PCs and notebooks were also significantly influenced by that company. The same trend can now be seen in the smartphone market as every other company is trying to copy the iPhone's success and hence its features.

I'm not exactly sure why I gave you such a detailed reply as it is pretty apparent that you don't have a frakkin clue of what you are talking about anyway.
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