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I'll bet the technology is pretty cheap to produce, even at high-res. 90% of the price is for "intellectual property" on this new, properietary technology (or more precisely, eInk saying, "who else you gonna buy this from?"). A company in Motorola's position with such a different application that is going to sell in _very_ high volume* is in a good position to simply say, "yeah? your mom and her LCD dealership."

The thing that makes me not so sure about the resolution argument is that if high-res was really that expensive/hard to do, then why did Sony go straight to 800x600 with the very first Librie?

*not only is it a cell phone, not only is it dirt cheap and will be carpet bombed on the emerging markets, but it's one of the most beautiful cell phones period. I'll seriously bet it will outsell the Sony Reader by 1000x, without exaggeration.

P.S. The best contrast of any display I have ever seen, eInk included, were those old LCD watches that didn't have backlights.

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