Thread: Classic Android & tech-hacking?
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Android & tech-hacking?

I pre-ordered a Nook.

My bet is on Android, I am thinking (a big guess and bet on my part) that with all the SDK for Android and the tech-hackers that someone will bust that OS wide open and start tinkering.

I would not be surprised to see some apps start to pop up (wi-fi usage, basic apps, mp3 hacks, even a web-browser?)

No doubt the Nook looks to be a nice gadget and combined with a pseudo-open source OS it could turn into a little more than what it is.

Sure it handles PDFs probably as well as any other eReader.
It handles EPUB, etc.

The question for me is - does Android turn it into something special?

It's a bet and I don't know if it will pay off - but I made the bet.
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