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Originally Posted by nrapallo View Post
So you actually did the screen swap with Gemstar to turn the B&W REB1100 into a 16 grayscale GEB1150? And later got stung when they did a firmware upgrade to shut down the "load your own content" avenue!!!! A real old-timer then... Welcome aboard!

::shakes cane in everyone's general direction::

You kids get off my lawn!!

By the way, is your converted REB1100 (actually the 1150) using the latest firmware from ?
This, I do not know. I'ma have to find the &*$&# thing and charge it up. I suppose I could start using it if my 1100 ever dies. Heh, I'll prolly just steal the battery and throw the rest away.

Just to preface the whole issue - I'm using Vista Ultimate Edition.

Okay. Software issues. I have the original CD for eBook Librarian, but what it installs is the User Guide(!) I have multiple versions of Rocket Librarian - this is the software that imports files and converts them to .rb format. (I'm stating this for my use, also. I really get confused. Old, ya know.) When you first start this program, it wants you to tell it which com port the 1100 is using. Since I've always used a USB port, I just cancel this screen, and go ahead and import and then convert my files.

Then, I close this program out and start ::insert missing program name here::. I honest to FSM cannot remember the name of the program. Is this eBook Librarian? It shows (with an icon) whether it detects the 1100 or not. To move files to the 1100, I just hit the insert key, pick the file and open. It sends the files to the 1100. I can read them. Enjoy them. Remove them. Do whatever the ::bleep:: I want to with them. THIS is the software I need.

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