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Originally Posted by Jim Lester View Post
I answered on this thread, but I'll repeat.
Yes but you will need to get the library book using your computer first and then use Adobe Digital Editions to copy it from your computer to the nook.
You will not be able to directly get a library book using either of the wireless functions (WiFi/3G) on the nook itself.
Jim Lester
Adobe Systems
It seems like such a simple question and answer...

BTW - Since the Nook doesn't have an advertised browser, why do these answers imply that anyone would think they could connect directly to Overdrive ?

I think that is just bad interpretation of the question... no one ever asks if the Nook can connect to Overdrive via wireless or WiFi, but they do keep asking if the Nook can open/read books downloaded from Overdrive via Adobe Digital Editions - and the admins on B&N can't seem to answer that... or say NO !
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