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Originally Posted by narve
Just for fun, I tried to build and run this tool and it works well. Nice work! I will probably never use it because I don't use my scribbles that way (nobody but me can read my letters so I manually convert my notes to text)
my most freq. use of this tool is the "only scribbled page" mode, to dump the pages I have scribbled during proofreading an article (or an e-book I've been preparing during leisure time), for subsequent viewing of the PDF and changing the original TeX accordingly.

A real killer application for TeX-centered proofreading might be an addon to the whizzytex package -- to be used supposedly with the original DVI equivalent to the scribbled on PDF -- so, browsing on the PC through the scribbles in the merger application (maybe just an add-on to a sophisticated enough DVI viewer), one automatically jumps to different spots in the original TeX file through the same DVI specials as in whizzytex.
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