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Originally Posted by Bert
@Scifier: I created the app using NetBeans 5.5 ( Just open the complete directory in NetBeans and you can easily build & run the project.
I've downloaded the latest NetBeans (the version that comes with Java SDK since I didn't have it on my machine) and the sources of your ScribbleMerger
had been compiled with no errors or warnings (this is rarely happens to me when I compile something open sourced) - so I guess I don't have to bother anyone in case if I want a quick fix or a custom tailored enhancement. Thanks for sharing sources, Bert.

Originally Posted by Bert
About the color maps: I myself always use the GUI, an it is a (little) hassle to always select the colors. So I decided to do just as scifier suggested, and implemented color map presets.
Thanks to Bert, now everyone can enjoy scrible colors they like the most.

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