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Originally Posted by Abulia View Post
I pre-ordered. The nook is my first e-reader so I (obviously) have no heavy bias or stake in this race. So I'm also surprised by the uprising of negative nook comments. Seems rather obvious to me that if the nook doesn't suit your needs then to find something that does.

It's not like I spend all my time in the Kindle forums harassing their users.

The perfect end all, be all device does not (yet) exist. Personally lack of web browser is a non-issue to me. I love the loaning option, free B&N reading, removable battery, etc, etc. Personally I don't like the physical real estate of a keyboard on a device like the Kindle. I'm using the reader, not type a thesis.

I'm new around here but I'm sensing a bit of fanboy-ism much like gaming consoles.
So you noticed!

Seems this goes on in every forum - those who feel their device is the best bashing another...

I think the nook is interesting and innovative in their design. The things, as far as I am concerned, it has going for it is Ereader DRM and Adobe ADE.

Many bash Ereader DRM and its format here - I happen to like it and only buy books in that format. I use it on my netbook and it allows you to change to any font and size, supports hyperlinks, and has dictionary support.

So take the bashing with a grain of salt and sort out the spin being put out and then decide what best suits your needs.
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