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danbloom has a complete set of Star Wars action figures.danbloom has a complete set of Star Wars action figures.danbloom has a complete set of Star Wars action figures.danbloom has a complete set of Star Wars action figures.
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FREE PDF file of Hamish MacDonald's dystopian novel of future climate chaos in UK

Hamish MacDonald' is a Canadian novelist living in Scotland. His new novel, published independently, and handbound by himself, is also being made available for a short time only (with his permission) on a PDF file for anyone who is interested in this kind of novel. I've read it and it's not only a good and entertaining read, it deals with important climate change and global warming issues as well, and is set in the distant future in an un-named country, similar to the UK but never named. Date is never mentioned exactly, either, but perhaps it's around 2100 or 2200 AD. Comes in at around 250 pages in print out, and I think it can be downloaded to E-readers, too. This guy is the new Douglas Adams of new fiction from the UK, and while it's different from "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" -- it's a picturesque and colorful story about a future dystopa, and very well written.

For a free PDF copy, email and it will be sent to you, no strings attached, no banner ads, no promotional stuff at all. Just a pure read, if you want to try something different and new -- and powerful!

I have been authorized by Mr MacDonald to give out this PDF file, which he sent me a few months ago, for a limited time, simply to test the waters and get feedback from readers pro and con on his book. I loved it. I read it in one sitting in one night, about 5 hours of constant reading. That good!

When you finish the book, please do send a brief feedback comment on how you liked it or didn't like it, and why or why not. Purely voluntarily, as if you do not want to make a comment, no need either. Just enjoy.

NOTE: or leave your contact info here, but better to do it offline. See above.
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