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8 vs. 16 shades of grey comparison photo?

I'm about ready to take the plunge into ereaders this Christmas (my annual "toy" my wife let's me get ).

I have a nook on pre-order, but I haven't totally divorced myself from the PRS-600. I don't really plan on buying that many books; I mostly want to use my reader for technical PDFs (and yes, I know I should buy a Kindle DX, but I can't have *that* much of a toy).

I did notice that the nook has 16 shades of grey, and the PRS-600 only has 8. Could anyone with an 8 shade and a person with a 16 shade reader upload a photo of a graphic on their screen so I can compare how much of a difference there is between the two?

The PRS-600 actually has more of the features I need, but if it's easier to read graphically intense PDFs on the nook, I can work on converting them to fit the nook's screen rather than relying on the zoom on the 600.
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