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Hello all. I'm brand new to the forums and reasonably new to owning a Sony Reader; just got it on Tuesday.

I'm also one of those poor bastards that only has a Mac, and not even an Intel Mac at that, so I feel quite limited in what I can actually do with the Reader.

For the last couple days I've been browsing the forums learning what I can, and I know I have far more to learn. I finally checked this area and downloaded everything you've offered so far. You're my hero Harry! Do you have plans to collect Tarzan? Or are there reasons you can't?

First a question. Is there a Mac equivalent to Book Designer? Or would it be possible to run it in Virtual PC?

Next, a suggestion. I understand the desire to keep RTF files out of this section, since it is likely that it would be flooded and there are already many sites out there that offer RTF versions of books obviously of varying quality. I also know that you are all working on your own projects, converting the books that you want to convert. But how about making a thread where someone who doesn't have Book Designer or know how to make a well formatted LRF file could upload a RTF file of the book they would like to see converted? Then someone who knows what they are doing, provided they have the time and interest, could take the RTF file and run with it. Upload the final LRF file and then delete the request. If I ever find a way to get Book Designer working and learn my way around it, I'll be willing to pitch in as well.
For myself, I would love to see all of the Oz books collected the way that Harry did the Burroughs books.
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