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Originally Posted by nvarsj View Post
I'm a lurker around here. I've been wanting an e-reader for a while, and with the recent drop in prices decided time was ripe to get one. These forums helped me quite a lot, and I hope my experience will help other potential ereaders.


After convincing my wife about the money I would save on ebooks, I headed down to Best Buy and checked out the two models. Next to the 300, the 600 screen looked washed out - as if I was reading through a slightly opaque piece of plastic (which indeed I was, this is the touchscreen). The 300 by comparison looked damned good. I was extremely impressed by its readability.
This is the exact reason why I bought a PRS-300 instead of a PRS-600. Like you, I would have preferred a bit larger screen, but I find I'm doing okay with the smaller screen of the PRS-300. In my view, a device that has a display the size of an index card has your average PDA beat where ease of reading is concerned.

Glad to hear you're happy with your PRS-505. My boss has one, and she just loves it.

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