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Originally Posted by Bert
Another update (v1.6) - see front page for files & source:

- Scifier noticed that bookmarks are lost when merging pdf's with scribbles (Well, he noticed that with the iLiad companion software - but this was also the case with my tool). This is fixed now. Instead of recreating a new pdf from Bert
Works very fast even on the huge PDF files. Excellent tool ! Thanks Bert.

Though one small enhancement could make it a bit more usable - could you add a ability to save color custom color mappings to a configuration file.

Since my LCD monitor has a little bit more colors than Iliad does I would rather prefer to have my scribbles to be of non-grayscale colors.

I would have changed the hardcoded values myself ( file) if I knew how to compile java sources into jar file
I guess I need to install Ant, Java compiler and then execute Ant with the build.xml as a command line parameter - but this is there my Java knowledge ends.

If you don't have time for implementing color mapping persistence - may be you could provide us with steps on how to setup a java build environment to build your sources.

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