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I would be careful. Just folding back the cover shouldn't be a problem, but I used to read with the cover folded back and my index finger tucked in between the back of the Cybook and the folded back cover, thumb on top of the Cybook and I now have screen problems. I mention this because I can reliably repeat the screen problem (the top half of the screen becomes unresponsive) if I put some pressure on the case where my index finger would be when reading. (Hope this makes sense, it is hard to explain in words.) Thankfully I have been able to gently twist the case and get my screen back and I am now very careful not to put any pressure on that area. I've been generally happy with my Cybook, but I think that it is absolutely ridiculous that simply holding it like that would cause such problems with the screen and as a result will not be buying any more devices from Bookeen.
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