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Originally Posted by robinson
So, ereader vs. iSilo on CIA? iSilo wins by a mile! The opening and moving around are nearly instantaneous whereas with ereader one waits, and waits... and, yes, you got it--WAITS!

So, given that we're often posting questions or complaints or suggestions (me included!), I thought it was time to simply offer some praise, pure and unadulterated, praise! Way to go, iSilo!
iSilo is a much better program for reference material than eReader. I have both on my T3 (along with uBook and Mobipoocket too!), using eReader primarily for books (literature) and iSilo for reference as well as literature. It's so much easier to move about within an iSilo document versus eReader, as one is often apt to do when consulting a reference. I also feel that iSilo does a superior job of handling graphics (maps, photos, illustrations etc.) than eReader does.

Conversely, I think that eReader's autoscroll operates in a much smoother, more unobtrusive fashion than iSilo's. I also think it's much easier to bookmark (and unbookmark) pages in eReader. Both of these attributes seem more important for literature than for references...

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