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Espionage authors you (and I) should read

I'm looking for a new list of authors to get acquainted with, so I'm starting three threads for each of the genres that interest me: fantasy, sci-fi and espionage. This, as is so obvious from the title, is the espionage thread.

Starting with the idea that certain authors will be on almost everyone's list for this genre, I'm asking that we exclude them to get to the ones that may benefit readers, such as myself, who are trying to dig a little deeper.

In espionage, I think this list would comprise of (in no particular order):

Ian Fleming
Tom Clancy
Robert Ludlum
Clive Cussler (who I firmly believe belongs in this genre, don't you?)

I've also heard the name Vince Flynn thrown around, but I've never read him so I'm unsure if he's the real deal or just a flavor of the month.

I'm sure there are others that you feel should be on that list... so who are they and why do they belong?

Thanks in advance for all comments!
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