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Originally Posted by Ea View Post
I got the standard cover, until I figure out what I want. It's okay for use once in a while, but I would by far prefer a Noreve or M-Edge cover for everyday use:

A bit expensive, but really nice, and I like the rail system for attaching the cover to the Kindle:

More about Noreve colours and textures:

I did the math, and an M-Edge Prodigy leather cover came to about the same as the Noreve when I included import tax and fees:

I've just ordered a silicone skin for use at home. I don't like the extra weight of a cover, but the skin will give it a safer grip and it won't easily slide when I put in down.

Are you not worried about pressure on the screen?
Thank you for the links, that is helpful - I think, such a leather-case looks nice, but the kindle is then not so good to handle. I have to think about ist.

As far, as I can see, there is no danger of pressure on the screen.

Ich mag keine Hüllen. Der Kindle fühlt sich gut an wie er ist.
Ich suche nur etwas zum reinen Transport.

Das Problem hatte ich letztes Jahr mit dem iPhone. Da hatte ich auch ein schönes Leder-Case gekauft, aber das iPhone wurde damit dicker und unhandlich. Letztlich nutze ich das iPhone so wie es ist.

Ich denke fast, mit dem Kindle ist es ebenso. Zum Transport habe ich die Socke …

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