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Device: elonex eb600
Exclamation Help bricked Elonex eb600 anyone got firmware image

I don't know if this is right place to post this basically i have bricked my elonex eb600 within 4hrs of owning it (dumb) without backing up firmware (downright idiotic!!). Basically i tried to install cool-er firmware on my elonex following these instructions My guess is that it ran the script below. The image 01.jpg is displayed maybe forever on my e-ink display. My guess is the hardware is different (has epson and serial boot flash) and have added what i have found out to openinkpot wiki. I hope that uboot is still working and will try serial when i get max3232cpe device tomorrow if not try jtag.
The problem is that i haven't got a copy of the original uboot , kernel or filesystem does anyone have a copy.

Thanks tony

script filename :

#check ebook device and copy uboot.bin.device ,uImage.device to u-boot.bin , uImage
ker=`cat /proc/version |grep Uboot|cut -d' ' -f1`
if [ "${ker}" != "Uboot:upgrade-01" ]; then
mount -t vfat /dev/mtdblock6 /mnt/flash
/bin/adobe_backup drm
umount /mnt/flash
echo "Found old kernel, update kernel"
#check device name!!!!! NEW FEATURE

/bin/show_pic /pic/01.jpg
echo "upgrade kernel and reboot "
/bin/upgrademtd uboot /files/u-boot-tmp
erasemtd /dev/mtd1
sleep 1
/bin/upgrademtd kernel /files/uImage
#end first_upgrade

/bin/show_pic /pic/00.jpg
/bin/led 2 &
echo "Update SN*******"
/bin/NOR_sn_write 2 /SN_out.bin
echo "Update Uboot"
/bin/upgrademtd uboot /files/u-boot.bin
#end upgrade_uboot

echo "Update kernel"
erasemtd /dev/mtd1
sleep 1
/bin/upgrademtd kernel /files/uImage
#end upgrade kernel

#/bin/erasemtd picture
mkdir -p /mnt/flash
echo "Upgrade filesystem"
mount /dev/mtdblock4 /mnt/flash -t yaffs2
cd /mnt/flash
/bin/show_pic /pic/02.jpg
tar zxvf /files/fs.tgz
sleep 1
umount /mnt/flash
#end upgrade_filesystem
echo "Update uboot,kernel,filesystem Finished!!!!"
sleep 1
killall led
/bin/led 0 &
/bin/show_pic /pic/03.jpg
echo "Erase USB"
/bin/erasemtd other
mkfs.vfat -n COOLER /dev/mtdblockg
#copy book function
mount /dev/mtdblock6 /mnt/u-disk -t vfat
echo "copy books to mtd${USB_ID}"
cp -rf /files/books/* /mnt/u-disk/

sleep 1
#re-check the books
a=`ls /mnt/u-disk`
if [ -z "$a" ]; then
echo "Found empty nand ,re-copy the books"
cp -rf /files/books/* /mnt/u-disk
umount /mnt/u-disk
#endif of copy books
sleep 1
#set RTC timer
date 081310502009
hwclock -w
#endif of RTC
/bin/show_pic /pic/05.jpg
/bin/led 1
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