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Originally Posted by JustRay View Post
If we can make improvements to the indexing that we can give back to them
Yes we can do. I will probably provide a patch to the Crossway ESV to start with, the easiest to replace is the TOC (toc.ncx). Although the ESV has a interesting numbering scheme for the Book Chapters ... v66022001.html is Book 66 Revelation, chapter 22.

Creating a quicker internal index will mean modifying the existing book and chapter header. Or adding some new ones to (content.opf) is probably the best idea.

My next version of Indexing which is further based on the power of 10, i.e. A TOC with multiple ten choices, is taking longer than I originally thought. But I have it all coded up now, so just been to debug the generator.

I like the Style of the Crossway ESV better than my 0.1 Style, so will probably change to something simular.

Also I want to do some experiments adding alternative versions. But have no idea how fast/slow such a huge ePub would be.

I also now have the Matthew Henry Full Text, so I will add that in to a later release.

I still do not have my Black 600 yet, so can't test my indexes for speed as I am using eBook Library and Adobe Digital Editions ...

Originally Posted by JustRay View Post
Does anyone know of a utility that can easily be used for editing epubs? In particular something that can handle the TOC format, which doesnt appear to be XHTML ?
No sorry, have not found any good TOC formatters. Being a programmer, I just rolled my own, but mine is driver by a database rather than a person. So not user friendly.
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