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installation problems (no next button)

I got windows 7 32 bit and did a new fresh install of calibre

but I had a calibrefolder left from some... 5.x version I think

so I installed calibre and started it for the first time where I was asked which language I want to use and which location it should use

so I selected my old folder because I want to keep all my ebook stuff there

and then I wanted to click next leaving the language at englisch but... next was greyed out...
I tried clicking it anyway with no success...

then I hit the language selector and clicked randomly on a language (which I think was arabic... anyway it was the first one) and bamm a couple of seconds later I had calibre running... in arabic or stuff!!!

I wanted to know if this is a common problem ... and if someone can tell me where I can go to the language settings to change them to englisch???

with pictures please...or with key combos or stuff... or where and in which config file I can manually edit it
and remember that arabic is a right to left language and I can't read it

thanks alot


P.S. Yes I used the search function and didn't find anything related to my installation bug

I managed to set the language to english

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