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Originally Posted by friendly
I think there are much more rtf-files out there which would be quite nice for many of us. I donít know if this suggestion would cause too much trouble, but why not open another page where all those files are uploaded which are quite nice and completely satisfying for many readers?

I would have to agree that even a quick .rtf formatted book, if done well, would be nice to have here. I *love* having the tables of contents and proper footnotes, but to have an entire library of PD .rtf (and completely auto-generated .lrf books) in one place would be awfully nice.

Definitely should be a separate forum, and as there would likely be more books, perhaps one thread per author? Or is this likely to be too many files and too unmanageable a situation?

Anyway, just wanted to chime in with my 1.5 cents.
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