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friendly began at the beginning.
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I don't know who came up with the idea to upload ebooks here. Anyway, I think it is brilliant that idea.
I agree with Harry and with Alexander and I don’t agree. Yes, it’s a nice idea to just collect all the perfectly formatted books here, but I think there are much more rtf-files out there which would be quite nice for many of us. I don’t know if this suggestion would cause too much trouble, but why not open another page where all those files are uploaded which are quite nice and completely satisfying for many readers? So there could be this page for “perfect” books and the other one for “okay” or “nice” books and here I come back to the beginning, I really think there are much more “nice” books ready to be uploaded than “perfect” books.
Somewhere in the forum someone made “Shakespeare” available. I think it should be uploaded here. I have got the files, but I as I didn’t do the work I don’t want to “snatch” the credit.
Ah, I just found the thread and the link:
And Harry I think you know about it, so you should be able to upload "Shakespeare" and maybe these: "War of the Worlds" and "Fortyone Thieves" To be found here:
Thanks a lot.

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