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Editing Epubs

Replaced Busted Reader:

Hi all. Ive been on hold with this stuff for a couple weeks as my sony stopped working. I think something pressed too hard on the screen. Sony has just replaced it, because it was in the first 30 days. I told them Best Buy refused a refund because they think something might have pressed on the screen but Sony sent a new one anyway, telling me to send the broken one back, I am hoping they dont turn out to be deceptive and charge me for it (they took credit card as security) . I refuse to even take this new one out of the house until I get a really good hard cover for it...which I have ordered.

Editing Epubs:

Does anyone know of a utility that can easily be used for editing epubs? In particular something that can handle the TOC format, which doesnt appear to be XHTML ?

So, to answer dclavey, now that I have had a chance to see how epubs work, I am going to play around with different search tagging scenarios before I suggest one. Give me a bit of time as I am new at this.

Lets Help Crossway!

As others have said, it is the ability to improve the indexing that I really like about their non-drm approach at crossway. If we can make improvements to the indexing that we can give back to them that they can use on both the full version and also a stripped version (as you are creating), that would be really great. I want to reward their spirit for creating a non-drm version of their Study Bible. If you think about it you surely have to see this as an act of sacrifice on their part to trust in this because they love the word of God. They know that bootleg copies will be created (not by us), and they accept that, for our good.

What I mean is that it would be fantastic if we can give them back improvements that they can use. In the case of indexes, if the indexes are separate from the text, then they can add the index into their existing files before testing it and thus be certain nobody changed the text. Of course, if it is like the idea I suggested, where tags are inserted, I guess they will just have to see the idea at work and re-do it themselves. I dont think they can have people they dont know send them edited copies of the bible and then turn around and sell or distribute that, its just too risky.

As far as speed, to answer the earlier question the bible I got was the same one you are discussing. I find it works ok in the sony reader size-wise as it is, the big problem is really only with synching it. Once I decided to not put it in a synced folder it works ok. However, it is a little slow sometimes, and I suppose creating a smaller version would speed it up.
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