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Originally Posted by The-eBook-Reader View Post
Main stream media is jumping on the nook bandwagon big time, but they are neglecting to mention the facts about nook. Before you decide to buy a nook, you should consider this:

(To be fair to the nook, it is good in a lot of ways, and I posted a thread about its positives here:
I'll read this later.

1. B&N's book prices are considerably higher than Amazon's.
Can you say Price wars...

2. The Lending feature is seriously flawed; they will have to impose a 1 or 2 lending limit or people will just lend the book over and over again.
So WHAT? I have 10,000 books in my personal library. I lend them out all the time, to whomever I wish for as long as they need them. If I purchase a book to read it's mine to burn if I wish.

3. Free Wi-Fi without a browser is about as useful as free internet on a clock. And you can only access B&N's overpriced store with it.
Hmm no browser yet?

4. Very limited format support, just 3.
I noted that in their list they have most formats I use, EXCEPT Windows DOC files....

5. The supposedly open ePub isn't really open; it's just another new DRM that won't work with other ePub supporting devices.
I don't like DRM, I don't like it a LOT!

6. From the videos the menu system looks pretty basic, and there's no folders support.
Kindle still doesnt allow folders. (not in a USEFUL way anyway)

[quote]7. The LCD screen will no doubt affect battery life greatly.[quote]

So does wifi, 3G etc.

8. Users may be locked-in to B&N's store for ebooks (meaning their current software won't import other DRM'ed ebooks; hopefully they'll update).
Not if you can copy things over - PD etc isn't locked out.

9. From the videos, book formatting doesn't look promising.
Haven't seen the videos yet

10. This is the first generation ereader from a company that has zero experience with ebook readers, and there are likely to be many problems and faults.
I'm sure they have experience with using others' readers... lol
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