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Originally Posted by fuzzy_dunlop View Post
Back in the day I pre-ordered a Playstation two months before it came out, upon release they told me the shipment had not yet arrived. It took a full month after release for the thing to arrive and I ended up being the last person on the block instead of the first to get it. Being a kid that month was the equivalent of 6 adult years.

Pre-ordering is a bit of a scam and of little benefit to consumers.
Smaller scale, but same thing happened to me with the last Harry Potter book. I had pre-ordered and Amazon didn't get that damn thing to my house until almost 8 pm that night! I could have just gone up to Walmart and bought one at midnight. All my friends were nearly finished with it before I even had touched mine, lol.

Point is, I got absolutely zero benefit from pre-ordering.
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