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Originally Posted by geertm View Post
They do indeed check the IP-address.
As I am interested in this reader I also tried the to buy a book.
First I tried the Fictionwise workaround. Using an USA address with my Dutch credit card. Indeed your order is canceled almost immediately.

Then I tried the same again, but this time I used my USA VPN account from (just $8,50 for 5GB data). That way Barnes and Noble sees an USA IP-address.
Now I was able to buy and download the book without a problem!

I wonder about the support of only English books. Is this just about the characterset that is supported? That would probably not be a problem for Dutch books. Or do they really check the language of the book (is that even possible)?

Hi, are you talking about hiding our non-US IP address? I went to surf for more info on changing my non-US IP address to a US IP address. One website I found was . With this method, I wonder how successful we are able to download ebooks from B&N outside US and transfer the downloaded ebooks on our PC to our Nook via usb? Anyone has any idea?

Another issue is, even if we manage to hide our IP add, are we still able to buy B&N ebooks with a non-US credit card?

BTW to answer your qn, I think it is possible to read Dutch books. The reader will support any language so long as its English alphabets.

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