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Originally Posted by Superlucky View Post
Sorry for your loss.

I have a 505 and I've seen the 300 in the store. It's 2/3 the size and has no card slots - other than that it's identical to the 505. I think it may have more internal memory.
Originally Posted by dordale View Post
Unless you want a smaller device which would be a little more portable, I'd go with the 505. 10 cheaper, and it'll come with a cover--the 300 only comes with a sleeve, so you'll have to spend even more money if you want a cover. And as Superlucky the devices are basically identical, except for the size and the 300 not having any card slots. I do think that the 300 does have more internal memory than the 505 though.

I've not actually used the SD or Memory Stick Pro Duo slots, depsite having 32GB and 16GB cards of each type respectively. I finished four books, The Three Musketeers was my fifth and I had three more queued up to read. Actually, I did use the SD slot to insall some custom firmware, so that i could make the menu text the same size and have a clock in the lower right corner...

As for the 300, I would like the smaller size of the device, being able to put it in my pocket would be very nice, but the smaller screen much less so.

Anyway, thanks for the advice. At the moment I guess I shall see how my poor 505 survives three weeks holiday and then see what's what when I get back. I'm tempted to buy a new one now, keep it sealed in the box, just in case no new machines come out that I like.

Has anyone in the UK had the screen of their 505 repaired? How much did it cost?
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