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Formatting issues when converting PDF to EPUB

I can't get an example block to display properly, but I'll do my best to do so if this isn't enough information.

The document that I'm trying to convert has a single carriage return/line feed at the end of each paragraph, then an indent at the beginning of each. Meaning that there is no space between most paragraphs. There are then sections that are separated by an additional line feed, leaving one line of blank space between the sections, each section again starting with an indent. When I convert with default options, the EPUB is formatted with a line of blank space between every paragraph, and it is impossible to tell when a new section has started. I tried checking the "remove spacing between paragraphs" box, but this removes ALL the spacing throughout the document, including the section breaks. Is there any way to get this formatted like the original document? Or even just to add an extra space wherever there was a space before?

Also, I was a little confused about the PDF line un-wrapping feature. I set it to 0.5, and it seems to work well for what I want, but what do the different values do?
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