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My 505 is Dead, Long Live the 505


I've been reading these forums on and off the last few months, have found it a useful place. However, I sadly sign up for an unhappy reason.

Back in May I bought a 505 Reader and have enjoyed using it very much, was all set to take it with me to Australia when I go there on holiday for a few weeks in November. That 22 hour flight was going to zoom by...

Last week I dropped it and the metal case bulged outwards above the screen. It still worked fine, there was just a slight gap.

A few days after that I tried to squeeze the metal back in... And then there was a sickening cracking sound and when I turned it back on I got this:
(Click the HD button to see more clearly.)

It's almost still okay to read, just the top line of text is slightly obscured, but it's slowly getting worse, I don't imagine it will somehow get better.

So, I ask two questions:

1 - Will Sony fix this? I completed the return/repair process on their website, they give me an address to post it to, but has anyone any experience with this? Will they be really nice and repair it for free? Will they charge a fee? Does anyone know how much? I bought the device for 195. Which leads into...

2 - I can buy a brand new 505 for 160 on, or a 300 for 170. I've not yet seen the 300 in person and won't have a chance before I go on holiday. If Sony will want too much to repair it, what are people's thoughts on buying a 505 vs. a 300? Or, of the deluge of new readers in the last few weeks, is there one I can actually get ahold of in the next week and a half? I'm in Frankfurt but have a friend travelling to the UK next week...

Thanks for any replies.
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