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Repenting PRS-700 purchase.

PRS-700 is my first eBook reader. I bought it last December and at that time Kindle was the only other noted branded reader. I went for Sony for its brand and trust in their innovation and quality and also that I have many PDF books which was a big issue with kindle at that time. I initially was OK with my sony as I have not seen any other readers, not even Sony 505, as they were not available in stores other than Sony showroom.

About 6 months back I saw 505 in a fry's store and then realized what I was missing and all the complaints the users were making on forums made a lot of sence. I then realized that the 700 contrast was the reason why I'm not reading that much and my reader was just lying idle, not in use. I bought it for $400+ when it was released fresh into the market. Now seeing all the other readers that came in, costing lot lesser and with such good features I feel what a bad purchase this was. I feel many Sony fans who bought PRS-700 might re-think about Sony on their next gadget purchase. I feel Sony should at least have courtesy to its customers and release a firmware upgrade to give it possible features of 600. We know contrast is something we have to live with. But, anything that improves 700 from what it is today should be done and not just dump one of its child as it was not a planned one. I feel victim of Sony's failed experiment and $400 is not a small amount for me.

I think it will be a good idea to wait a bit if anyone who already own a eReader is going for an upgrade. I see a lot of promising readers with decent price coming out in the market. I would not buy a Sony anymore...
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