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Alternative comic/manga creation method

I've been toying with methods for getting comics to read better on the Sony Reader outside of just using the common JE-Comics and PDFRastafarian method and I believe I may have come up with an alternative which provides for clearer type within the comic's images themselves. I think its more dumb luck than anything, here goes:

1)Resize your JPEGs to 565x754 using an application called Visdualizer Photo Resize
You could probably use any resizer such as XP Powertools resizer, but I find this to be particularly good in that you can resize within all subfolders.

2)Convert the JPEGs to PDF using Image to PDF. This is good in that it allows you to also select the output size of the PDF (to 565x754). There may be other tools that can do this, but this was the first one I found.

3)Convert them to lrf format using PDFRastafarian if desired. This doesn't change the appearance of the document, it just makes it smaller and quicker to load.

Not only is the resulting file smaller than the JE-Comics-->PDFRastafarian method, the resulting image is a lot sharper, txt is a LOT more readable.

Images to follow....

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